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"Volunteer in Atlanta Marathon" by @surman1

I used Google to translate this chronic traslate into English, I feel that the potential inconsistencies present text.

Last Sunday was held "Atlanta Marathon" in which I had the pleasure of volunteering Test at mile 23.

It's my first experience as a volunteer in a large test like this, so I was nervous and very excited.

The first thing I want to comment on the test is the magnificent organization and treatment received by the Atlanta Track Club, with continuous and concrete information by mail, it is an honor for me to work in places like that.

The morning dawned very cold, too cold, so I will wrap that adventurous route to the North Pole with more layers than an onion. I arrive at the meeting point one hour ahead of schedule, not knowing the sites and rely on GPS as I prefer to be cautious.

Gradually the other volunteers arrive mile 23, all dressed very warm clothing, hats, gloves and face cream but with a boundless enthusiasm. I rejoiced when I get a "Fleece Pullover", a commemorative pin, a few snacks, orange overalls mareanaranja orangepower and a signal.

Foto 1: Caution Spanish happy Indahouse
Along with Deborah (friend of Half Marathon Training Program) and through it (because I asked for their assigned area) went to the hill where we played infernal help if it hills hell can not have another name, a long and steep constant the brave must overcome at mile 23.

Foto 2: Volunteers infernal hills

Deborah puts me in my junction where you see a cop while also allocated in this junction, well, just as well could further encourage the runners. That was horny police, trying to make conversation with my English got to know that he did not like sports, it was very cold and I did not understand why people got these beatings. The important thing is that we work well and we had no incident in our crossing, but we suffered some STUPID as he called solved easily but I guess that was huge influence (2 * 2).

On the sports side, there were many things that impressed me and even today still haunting my mind. Do not stop clapping during the test, or to shout "Good Job" "Champion" "Go Go Go" "Come on" "Let's go" and all that was going through my mind at that time.

1) The thousand different ways to tackle a slope of these characteristics, there were some with extraordinary force that seemed they were running downhill, others through short, quick steps that made them move quickly without much muscular effort, you could see that they were the most experts.

2) Run knows no stereotypes, had all kinds of sneakers, running, basketball, trail, tennis, five fingers. All types of clothing, including costumes (Halloween). A huge sports festival where everyone has a place.

3) Generally the most veteran who enjoy more of these races, always smiling, even giving conversation (which I found out), head up enjoying the surroundings, savoring the party that were participating and which are known protagonists.

4) The frustration on the faces, the continuous heart rate monitor looks to be perceived by the sense of failure they carried on their backs, a heavy burden for a stiffer test as long as a marathon. These are the only ones that knew how to encourage or to say, impossible to get a laugh.

5) The ability of such enormous effort and sacrifice of the people who go beyond the five hours is brutal, that has to be experienced to understand, you know the challenge of their lives, in their faces reflected a clear objective "end "be" Finisher "hang that medal to mark their lives.

6) Never forget me thank those looks, that applause returned to me, these Thank you, that half smile of exhaustion of hands in gratitude because your body can not much more, or those conversations which unfortunately I understood what I wanted to convey. I knew the marathon runner is very grateful because I am one of them, but I never thought I would receive so much as a volunteer in exchange for so little.

I leave a few pictures that I hope you like them.

Photo 3: Marathon Winner
Photo 4: Go power wasted in the soaring
Photo 5: Pacemaker and trainer Half Marathon Training Program
Photo 6: Five Fingers
Photo 7: Minimalism and posing crack
Photo 8: Brook, friend Atlanta Half Marathon Training Program
Photo 9: Susie Kim, Friend and Trainer HMATP
Photo 10: Walking towards the goal

Photo 11: The latest weather within 23 miles
Photo 12: Perfect Organization
Photo 13: Strength and Honor. Impossible is nothing. Heroes

Thank you very much to all of you and encourage you to participate as volunteers in upcoming sports events, I will pass it big.

P.S. Final talk collaboration thanking volunteers and receive an email the next day, further strengthens the feelings of good treatment Volunteer by Atlanta Track Club, so I reiterate my thanks.

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